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Our kennels are finished with high quality/safe paints, stains, and 2 coats of water based polyurethane.  All of our products are dog friendly!    Below are our standard finishes.  The pictures show the v-board (used for tops and backs) and the 5/4 poplar barnwood (used for the body of the kennel).  You can pick a top stain color and body color using any of the finishes below.  The inside of the kennel will be finished the same as the top.  If you would like a different color or a distressed finish you can pick that in the options in our online store.

We have decades of experience with all different types of finishes and would love to come up with a finish just for you. If you have a color you would like to see or are interested in a custom finish please contact us and we will start working on samples for you to choose from. 

Wrought Iron Black


Kentucky Barnwood Kennels Paint Finishes


Kentucky Barnwood Kennels Stain Finishes
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