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Frequently Asked Questions

 How long is the turnaround time for a crate?

 Our current turnaround time is 10-12 weeks from the time you order. This includes shipping time.   Custom crates will take longer. Once we start your crate, we like to keep you updated throughout the

 process  via email. ​

 What sizes do you offer?

 Please see our Options and Pricing tab for our standard sizes. ​

 Do you offer custom crates?

 Absolutely! We love custom crates. Please contact us at with your ideas!

 Can you send me a color sample?

 We only ship free color samples to our customers​.  If you aren't a customer, we will ship samples for   a  small fee. 

 What type of material do you use?

 We have two choices for the body, both are a true one inch thickness. One is our rough-cut barn   wood  that we hand select every time. Our other option is smooth poplar which has a much   smoother finish. The  top material is made with pine. We use rebar or smooth steel for the bars.   Both bars are a true ½ inch  thickness. We fabricate all our metal for our barn doors, drawer   handles and locks. We use all stainless  steel fasteners.

 How much is shipping?

 We offer shipping to all US states​ excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Cost for single crate is $495 and  double crate is $595. If you have a custom crate, please contact us for more information. We will  deliver within a 20 mile radius from our shop for $200.00. You can also pick up from our shop. We   will  help load the crate into the vehicle or onto a trailer. Please note if we deliver or you pick up, we will not crate it.


 How will the crate be shipped?

 Our crate will be shipped fully assembled. Crated in our handmade crates.

 We use a freight company that will bring it curbside with a lift gate delivery. Once the crate leaves   our  shop, we will provide a tracking number to you. The freight company will contact you to setup   delivery date/time.


 Please make sure you have help unloading the crate. The freight company will not help you bring   the crate into your house. ​

 Is the crate easy to clean?

 Yes! The crates are extremely easy to clean. We use a crystal clear water base polyurethane for our  finish. The polyurethane formula provides maximum scratch and stain resistance on indoor   furniture with a thicker formula.

 We also sell ¾ inch horse mat for additional cost. We cut the mat to fit tightly inside the crate.

 Do you offer financing? 

  We don't offer financing. ​However, if you need to split the payment up reach out to us at

 What if my pup chews or claws my crate?

 Barnwood Crate & Co. is not reliable for any damage. For additional cost, we offer chew guard and  horse mats for the high​ prone areas.  If you think your pup will need more chew guard in other   areas, let us know.

​ Is your product recommended for puppies?

 No! Not recommended for puppies. Our crates are high end pieces of furniture that will last you a  lifetime. We highly recommend you train in a wire crate and once they are comfortable enough to   be moved to their sanctuary then you may move them over.

 Terms and Conditions

 See our policy tab for more details.

 Please feel free to reach out via email or call/text if you have any concerns.

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