Standard Custom Dog Crate
Sizes and Prices

*Includes stain and polyurethane*

All dimensions are approximate.

 Medium Single - $1,150

  • For pups 5lbs-35lbs.

  • Outer Dimensions ~ 36L x 23W x 30H

 Large Single - $1,350

  • For pups 35lbs-65lbs.

  • Outer Dimensions ~ 40L x 28W x 38H

photo may 11, 12 20 31 pm.jpg

 Extra Large Single - $1,550

  • For pups 65lbs-110lbs.

  • Outer Dimensions ~ 48L x 35W x 43H

 Medium Double - $1,750

  • For 2 pups 5lbs-35lbs.

  • Outer Dimensions ~ 67L x 28W x 33H

 Large Double - $1,950

  • For 2 pups 35lbs-65lbs.

  • Outer Dimensions ~ 79L x 29W x 38H

photo oct 27, 6 14 48 pm.jpg

 Extra Large Double - $2,150

  • For 2 pups 65lbs-110lbs.

  • Outer Dimensions ~ 91L x 35W x 43H

"Fur" Luxury: Features and Add-Ons

*For more images check out our gallery*


    Choose from smooth poplar or rough-cut poplar barn wood. Either choice is solid! Both are true 1 inch thick materials that will provide a great look and a very strong crate. 


  • Paint, Stain,

    Custom Finishes

    We have a variety of finish options for you to choose from. We apply 2 coats of water based polyurethane on all of our finishes. 

    All of our products are pet friendly!   

    We will create samples for approval on all custom finishes. If you would like a sample please contact us.

  • Barn Doors

    Our barn doors are both beautiful and functional. They are easy to use and locking is simple and effective. We use heavy duty 3 inch metal rollers. The metal for the straps and tracks is 1.5 inch flat steel bent and cut custom for each crate.

  • Drawers

    Add  2 or 3 drawers to the top of your crate. Store your leashes, toys, treats, food, or anything else in our soft close drawers. The drawers will add approximately 8 inches to the height of your crate. The number of drawers will depend on crate size, please contact us if you have questions.

  • Metal Edge on Top

    The steel edge wraps around the top and gives a great look to the crate.   

  • Chew Guard

    If your dog likes to nibble we can make sure your crate stays safe with our chew guard.  Chew guard is 1.5 inch flat steel that slightly overhangs all inside openings.  


  • Bars

    Choose from 1/2 inch smooth round stock steel

    or 1/2 inch steel rebar.  Both are strong options!  


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